Faith is a journey best traveled with others. We want to be a community steeped in God’s love, expressed in loving relationships with one another, and engaged in the larger community.

We encourage everyone to do four things to connect with others and grow in faith:

:: Attend the worship service on Sunday. It’s our response to God’s love, grace and generosity as a community of believers.

:: Serve others. Make a difference in your community and beyond. There are lots of opportunities to serve; it’s easy to find your serving sweet spot.

:: Build life-giving relationships with new and old friends. When you’re ready, get together with a few friends and check out our opportunities for connections. God wants “in on our lives” and wants us “in on the lives of others.” People who do life together — grow spiritually.

:: Follow Christ. When Jesus asked people to follow him, he didn’t look at job titles, credit scores or count their degrees. He didn’t expect people to clean up, sober up, or wise up before they could be with him. Jesus offered a simple invitation: “Follow me.”

So join us. Lay aside the idea that you have to be good enough, or holy enough, or anything at all. You’re loved by God. And God invites you to the journey.


                                   “God of Love, enrich our lives with Christ’s Spirit. Amen.”