For Kids

We have a passion for helping kids learn about Jesus in ways they understand. Our goal is to get children and teens thinking about God throughout the week.

The stories of Bethlehem beginnings, manger miracles, fishermen friends in Galilee, the stumbles of Peter, the faithfulness and love of two Marys – connects us to something greater than we are.

All kids celebrate God in a worship service of songs, dance and prayers at the beginning of their time together.

After the gathering time, children break into age-appropriate small groups for storytelling, crafts, or games that apply biblical perspectives and teachings to kids’ daily lives.

Each week’s lesson begins with God’s story from the Bible; our own personal stories; and our story together as followers of Jesus Christ.

At the end of the small group sessions, children share a communion meal and pray for one another. Then kids join the entire faith community for refreshments after the worship service.


Faith & Play (birth-5 yrs.)
JourneyKids (6-8 yrs.)
Jesus & Me (9-12 yrs.)
Youth Empowered to Serve (13-18 yrs.)

Family Involvement

Faith will matter to kids, if it matters to parents. We’re not interested in taking the place of parents, but it’s our desire to partner with parents to help children grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.


:: Here’s more information on the Faith Formation Program.

:: Our FAITH@HOME cards summarize each Church School lesson and outlines activities for kids and parents to do together.

:: The F.I.S.H. (Families in Service Here) ministry focuses on children learning to live out God’s character by putting faith into action in their community or around the world.

:: Our Parent Resource is filled with ideas for family time with God, creating traditions, and fun, faith-based activities. Let the ideas inspire your own!

“May your children grow in faith! Amen.”