Consider, for a moment, the ways God could use your gifts to bless creation …

Your prayers for peace in a troubled world … Your listening ear to someone in distress … Your food donation to a neighborhood pantry … Your willingness to serve communion to an elderly woman missing the company of a faith community … Your family’s effort to pack hygiene kits for homeless teens … Your money to help replace what was lost during a disaster.

Our gifts, while perfectly ordinary, can have extraordinary value. What seems unremarkable to us might be the best gift to someone else. So the question is — are we giving God our best? God offered Jesus and kept His end of the deal. How do we respond to God for that loving act?

Ways you can give:

:: Check Out Our Service Opportunities: For information on how you can volunteer your time and talents in the church or community.

:: Give online: Make a one-time or recurring donation by using PayPal. It’s quick, convenient, and completely secure.

:: Use Your Bank: Set up an online service that allows you to make a donation using an electronic check, debit or credit card.

:: Mail in Your Contribution: Send a check or money order directly to Journey of Faith Christian Church (1900 Manchester Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48104)

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“God so loved the world He gave His only Son. May we give God our best gifts with the joy and love of Christ. Amen.”